Welcome to the extraordinary world of Patchwork Science, created by Nati Amos: the awe inspiring fire and circus sideshow performer in the world famous Coney Island Circus Sideshow! She has traveled and performed across the globe with the sole purpose of causing wonderment in her audiences.

Nati was born with a rare condition that left her with severe physiological deformities, and her stage character The Patchwork Girl celebrates the strength, wit, smarts and indomitable spirit she used to overcome those physical obstacles. It is with this furious tenacity that she takes on the world.

Nothing stops Nati! She has performed all over New York City, delivered TEDx Talks, and dazzled crowds on various subjects, ranging from the scientific to her unique personal experiences. She is currently developing a passion project of her own, a YouTube channel, with the goal of making science-related content accessible (and entertaining!) for everyone.

Offstage, she brings her trademark enthusiasm to the research lab as she pursues dual graduate degrees in clinical science and neuroscience. Upon graduation, she will fulfill her dreams of becoming a professor, continuing to spread her enthusiasm in all things science to her students, as well as furthering her research in multiple areas of interest.

Patchwork Science captures Nati’s playful personality and represents both sides of her identity: the sideshow and the science. All of the merchandise is made possible by small businesses and local artists. Nati believes in fostering small operations, supporting entrepreneur endeavors, and in buying local from the community.

She truly believes in owning your weird and being all of the colors that move you!